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Designed and Handmade In House

I’ve created a quality, affordable line of fun fashion jewelry – some I design, some imported and some handmade.

I first began making my own jewelry almost 10 years ago. I loved making jewelry but it was more of a hobby than a business. About 5 years ago I married my husband and for our marriage gift, I received some very beautiful Chinese jewelry from my mother-in-law and became more exposed to Asian culture. I loved the look and design of the Asian style jewelry and the meaning behind the pieces. I would get tons of compliments on my jewelry and people would ask me where I go it and I would tell them it was a family gift but there was nowhere around to buy that style of jewelry.

So I started designing my own pieces and having them manufactured along with some pieces I was making by hand. I started trialing my jewelry line in my sisters retail clothing store and it started to grow! My line started with mostly Asian style pieces but I also love bling, natural stones and pieces with significant cultural value. So here I am now – if I were to sum up the line in three words – peaceful, significant, multicultural. With a couple of blingy pieces that I just really enjoy. So I hope you enjoy!! Cheney

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