Personalized Necklaces Trends: The Beautiful World of Crystals

There are many stylish pieces of jewelry that use crystals. One item that is very popular to wear is the Crystal Heart Necklace. Most people think of crystals as being similar to gemstones in appearance. They actually are crystals of this type used in creating various crystal necklaces. The two most popular types you will see are the Austrian crystal necklace and those that use Swarovski crystals. These particular stones are cut and polished to a high glittering shine very much like a true gemstone would have. These stones will also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Jewelry Usually Reflects the Trends:  

Family, kids, and loved ones have all become increasingly more important in our lives, which is probably the reason for the increase in personalized necklaces like Chinese Strength Necklaces and personalized jewelry that we are seeing everywhere in magazines, on celebrities, clients, and on my next door neighbors.

Simplicity is the Key in Personalized Jewelry:

The most popular personalized necklaces that we have seen recently are the simplest and smallest. The Triple Tiny Charms name necklace is an excellent example of discreet, endearing, and delightful little charms suspended just long enough to be close to your heart and sit comfortably within your neckline. This particular necklace is very popular with new families; Mommy, Daddy, and Baby are all represented in sterling silver circles about the size of a dime, and hand stamped with antiqued lettering. Either equally distanced, or strung together, the delicacy of these charms gives them a simple elegance.

Beauty is Integral to Personalized Jewelry:  

These personalized necklaces have been seen in US Weekly and in People’s Style watch because they are absolutely beautiful. Handmade by an artist, each charm is custom made for your special occasion or event which makes them totally unique. The dime-sized charms are fashioned from sterling silver and hammered by the artisan to create a rippling textured effect that shimmers as they catch the light. Then to attach the charm to the sterling silver Crystal Heart Necklace, you can add a genuine Swarovski birth month crystal of your choice. You may have as many charms and crystals as you like.