Distinguishing Several Features of Crystal Heart Necklace

Unlike the solid metal heart long used in many pendants, the open Crystal Heart Necklace features a heart shaped border around an airy and empty space. An online search for such a pendant reveals a predominance of silver chains and silver hearts. Still, that does not mean that a customer could not ask a jeweler to make a similar piece using yellow gold, white gold or even raised gold.  Any of those metals could be used to fashion an eye catching accessory with the desired open look.

Features of Crystal Necklace:

  • Now the material used to make the open heart necklace can certainly be one of its more distinctive features. However, the introduction of a gold pendant and Chinese Strength Necklace does not represent the only way to make this accessory appear truly unique. That pendant can contain a gemstone in its tip. It can even be covered in diamonds or other gems.
  • The introduction of sparkling stones can take place in three different ways. The sparkling objects can fill every section of the metal border, in which case the jeweler might choose to use gems with contrasting colors, such as black and white diamonds.
  • Alternatively, a gem or even a pearl could be placed in a solid section at the heart’s bottom tip.
  • The third possibility concerns the creation of an adaptation. In this particular adaptation the jeweler hangs a crystal with the heart’s distinctive shape at the end of a chain.
  • Now this piece has been classed as an open item because of the position taken by that crystal object. That object is placed at the top of an open metal loop.

Perhaps in the future some jeweler will find yet another way to make an entire series of distinctive pendants. He or she may find a way to put a tiny photograph inside the metal border and effectively create a new product rivaling the standard gold or silver Crystal heart Necklace. Then each pendant’s wearer could select the picture that you wanted to have surrounded by the curved line of silver or gold.